The use of wells and drillings in order to exploit the water tables allows us to  :

  • provide towns with drinking water
  • supply heat exchangers and allow  heat pumps to operate : air conditioning or heating via geothermal energy
  • ensure irrigation and watering for agriculture purposes
  • accompany the food industry : tank cleaning, process water, etc.
  • ensure industrial sites’ fire safety

SONDALP is specialized in the building of high quality water wells and drillings.

Our company is able to build structures in any kind of environment: water catchment areas, industrial zone, urban areas, undergrounds. We design tailor-made structures: nature, flow, diameter.

SONDALP's offer :

Realization of weep or drain wells

We realize concrete watertight lining, 3 to 4 meters wide, up to 30 meters deep, equiped with :

  • Horizontal stainless steel drains ø219 mm wide and from 10 to 35m long
  • Or PVC weep holes ø125 mm wide

These concrete wells  in high flow alluvial areas  come from 40 years of SONDALP SRCE’s historical expertise .

Weep hole equipment

These wells are well-suited to alluvial formations that include bank gravel or pebbles in a low depth – high flow setting (Rhône valley type, Durance).

They are made of a concrete watertight lining, 3 to 4 meters in diameter, equiped with weep holes (PVC openings) across the water table.

The watertight lining’s construction is made on-site with 2 meters tall blocks, cut with a grapple.

Pouring of a watertight lining
Cutting with a grapple
Weep holes well
Barbacanes terminées

Radiating drains equipment

This kind of well allows for high flow rates by realizing tens of meters drains ending up in the collecting well.

Its creation first of all requires the construction of a concrete watertight lining, poured on-site by our staff and cut all the way up to the substratum (up to 30m deep).

After the bottom concrete apron instalaltion, the well is drilled across the drains to be. The later are then drilled from the inside by a specfic workshop requiring a high technical level.

The well is then equipped with control valaves (one per drain) and a safety flooring with an access ladder. Every item are up to the sanitary norms.

Among our realizations

The Grand Chalon well

Realization of wells using Benoto excavation technique

We produce 600 to 1500 mm wide structures up to 50m deep in alluvium.

We do not use any fluids (water, mud, or compressed air) : this neutral drilling technique doesn’t disrupt hydraulic flows. Overdrilling is avoided and cuttings recovering is made easier: we use overburden drilling techniques. Result : the equipment is adapted to the local geology.

In order to do so we have the following machines at your disposal ,

  • 1 LIEBHERR 8030 crane
  • 2 CASAGRANDE C200 cranes
  • 5 CASAGRANDE GC1500 casing oscillators
  • Retaining pipes ø680 to 1540 mm wide

Realization of wells using hammer drilling and rotary

This skill lies in the historical knowledge of the HYDROFORAGE company.

We carry out drillings up to 1500m deep in all types of fields where we can employ the following techniques:
• Down the hole hammer, with or without overburden drilling (Saturne, Odex)
• Rotary air, water, mud

We have at our disposal a solid experience in this field since 1977 and the following machines : 1 Aquadrill 3000, 1 Massenza MI 60,1 comachio MC 900, 1 stenuick 1500 H, 1 Mustang A32, 1 Mustang A66. This multitask machinery allows fro drillings up to 800mm wide structures using mud or compressed air.

Position 1 workshop
Atelier en position
Position 2 workshop
Working workshop
Atelier en travail
Air lift

Among our realizations

The Satigny drilling

The Satigny drilling is the first medium depth exploration drilling for the 2020 Géothermie program. This pilot project will allow to outline the sector’s geothermal potential and to assess field work reality. Other similar drillings will be under way in the Canton until 2020. The new knowledge that will be acquired along the way will allow us to drill deeper than 1500m.

The Satigny drilling’s goal is the exploration of Cretaceous limestones up to a depth of 650m. As it goes on, it allows us to identify the underground’s geological and hydrogeological conditions. We expect, from 400m deep onward, areas with faults allowing the circulation of hot water, offering a potential geothermic resource.

From a technical point of view, it is one of the few water structure made with techniques coming from the oil industry, under permanent quality control.

For more informations : Site Géothermie 2020

Delivery check / Hydroelectric equipment / Wellhead / Fences

We take charge of the video control or cementing upon receipt, as well as the installation of suitable pumping machinery. We finalize the wellhead with a concrete structure and the required hydroelectric equipment, all the way up to the fencing of the catchment area and the grass covering.

Tête de puits capot Foug
Delivery check
Stainless steel drillhead
Pump installation
Installation de pompe