Accomplishing superficial and deep drilling

This skill is based on the historical know-how of a HYDROFORAGE

We carry out superficial and deep drilling up to 1500 m in all types of terrain and can mobilize the following drilling techniques:
• Havage / threshing with retaining harnesses (“Benoto”)
• Downhole hammer, with or without harnesses (Saturn, Odex)
• Rotary air, water, mud

Since 1977, we have had solid experience in this area thanks to close collaboration with our partners in the oil field.

To do this we have the following machines: 1 Aquadrill 3000, 1 Massenza MI 60,1 comachio MC 900, 1 stenuick 1500 H, 1 Mustang A32, 1 Mustang A66
These versatile machines allow drilling with mud or compressed air in diameters up to 800 mm for larger tools.

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Case study

Satigny drilling

The Satigny drilling is the first medium-depth exploration drilling of the Geothermic 2020 program. This pilot project will make it possible to specify the geothermal potential available to us and to assess the properties of the ground. Several drillings will be conducted elsewhere in the Township by 2020. The new knowledge acquired will then allow drilling beyond 1500 m depth.

The purpose of Satigny’s drilling is to explore Cretaceous limestones to a depth of 650 m. As drilling progresses, it makes it possible to identify the geological and hydrogeological conditions of the subsoil. We found, from a depth of 400 meters, some fault zones allowing the circulation of hot water thus offering a potential geothermal resource.

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Constructing the well

Equipped with barbacans, radiant drains or drainage trenches: concrete wells with a high flow of alluvium have been Sondalp SRCE’s historic know-how for almost 40 years. Our equipment includes 1 Liebherr HS 8030 crane, 2 Casagrande Hoist cranes, and 1 Fuchs hoist crane.


Case study 1

Havage Benoto

Case study 2

Forages en sous-sol

Case study 3

Marteau fond de trou

Case study 4

Puits à barbacanes

Case study 5

Puits à drains rayonnants

Reception control / Hydroelectric equipment / Head of construction / Enclosures

We carry out CCTV and cementing control loggin, the installation of the pumping equipment adapted to the work. We finalize the wellhead with a concrete frame and the necessary hydroelectric equipment, until the perimeter of the drainage basin and de-weeded area is enclosed.