Sondalp is 40 yers old and acquired Hydroforage in 2017


  • Nearly 40 years of drilling and making wells in France and abroad

  • Site specialists who can rely on hydrogeological engineers present in the company

  • The only French company able to offer services covering the life cycle of drilling


Sondalp innovates

It is because of this innovation that we have developed the world’s first drilling monitoring software.

Our commitment

To find the most efficient solutions for lower impacts on the environment, for financially effective operations.

Sondalp is committed

Did you know that 50% of the water comes from groundwater? Drilling creates the link between the water table and its users. Accessing this involves a risk. This is why, as drillers and drilling manager, we carry a responsibility: to preserve the water resource, this global wealth. This respect is reflected in the way we build, operate and maintain the book.

Our Desire:To offer the best work and the best service to our clients to protect their access to water resources.

That’s why we build safe and efficient structures of which we have mastered the maintenance techniques.

Our commitments: To protect water sources. This is the why we have our teams of passionate hydrogeologists working.

Our point of attention: To secure the work personnel and the work environment.

That’s why we protect our customers by avoiding the risk of exploitation. When we create something, we create a heritage. Our goal is to provide the easiest possible way to drill, integrating your needs from the start.

Our investment:

Giving our clients the means to understand how to manage their work well. That’s why we offer you control at all levels so that we meet your expectations, including through Well Watch, the world’s first software to continuously monitor drilling performance and their pumps.



SONDALP is a member of the National Union of well contractors and has been Drilling for Water and Geothermal (SFEG) and is a signatory of the Quality Charter since 1997.

We have the following SFE Professional Certificates :
  • Option 1 : spud, bucket, excavating drilling
  • Option 2 : drain and shaft wells
  • Option 3 : hammer drilling
    • Option 3.1 : < 200m et < 10’’
    • Option 3.2 : > 200m et < 10’’
    • Option 3.3 : < 200m et > 10’’
    • Option 3.4 : > 200m et > 10’’
  • Option 4 : rotary
    • Option 4.1 : < 200m et < 12’’ ¼
    • Option 4.2 : > 200m et < 12’’ ¼
    • Option 4.3 : < 200m et > 12’’ ¼
    • Option 4.4 : > 200m et > 12’’ ¼
  • Option 5 : well rehabilitation
    • Option 5.1 : < 200m
  • Option 6 : well maintenance
  • Option 7 : well closing
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SONDALP employs qualified and experienced staff and provides continuous training for its staff, including the Emile Pico Center, the first training center for public works.


SONDALP is certified by the Qualiforage module and the professional RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment). This certificate is mandatory for geothermal drilling.

We work in compliance with standards related to drilling (NF X 10-999, NF X 10-990 – NF X 10-970)

Our team

Our staff is qualified and experienced (chemical risk training, CACES, CQP driller …). The management is made up of engineers hydrogeologists recognized in the profession. The company has about 40 FTEs.